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Environmentally friendly into the future

Heidelberg, August 27, 2020 – The dental product range of Young Innovations is not only convincing in terms of quality and efficiency, the sustainability is also constantly being improved: The ecological footprint of the Microbrush® brand production plant has been significantly reduced via intelligent lighting, consistent shutdown of unused machines, and by recycling 45 tons of plastic resin waste per year. Now the proportion of plastic in all packaging is being gradually reduced.

First of all, the containers of the Microbrush® Plus applicators are receiving a makeover. For the dispenser kit and the refill pack of 400 pieces each, the foil and holders are being replaced with recycled cardboard, thus saving 8,000 kilos of plastic per year. The package size and content remain the same, as do the weight and the order number. The previous barcode will be replaced by the Global Trade Item Number GTIN. With this marking, goods can be identified and traced worldwide, which further increases product safety.

Microbrush® applicators are ideally suited for applying a wide variety of materials during dental treatment, such as cement, bonding and etching agents, sealing and staining solutions. They have a rigid tip and a flexible neck for precise placement of substances in hard-to-reach areas. The brush head, made out of lint-free nylon fibres, absorbs liquid until it is applied, ensuring maximum control.

For detailed information on Microbrush® products, visit the website www.microbrush.eu, which has been redesigned and given a fresh new look.


Microbrush® is committed to environmentally friendly packaging.
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About Young Innovations

Young Innovations is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality dental products. The portfolio includes innovative solutions for prophylaxis, diagnostics, restoration, periodontology, implantology, endodontics and orthodontics and world-renowned brands like Young™, Zooby®, Microbrush®, American Eagle Instruments® Pro-Matrix®, Pro-Tip® Turbo and Crystal Tip®. The American corporation has its headquarters in Chicago and its European centre in Heidelberg, Germany. The enterprise was founded in 1900 and is owned by The Jordan Company.


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