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Implant care made easy with American Eagle

Heidelberg, 23 February 2021 – Fixed denture implants provide patients with enhanced quality of life. However, mucositis or peri-implantitis develops in up to 50 per cent of all implant cases, jeopardising the treatment’s success and potentially even leading to implant loss. Only optimal oral hygiene will maintain the health of the tissue around the implant over a long period of time. American Eagle is now presenting a collection of new instruments for professional implant cleaning.

Clean, smooth implant surfaces are significantly less susceptible to infection-causing biofilm. American Eagle Implant instruments thoroughly and, above all, gently remove soft and mineralised plaque. The instruments are made of medical grade titanium, which are currently the most biocompatible material for implants. This special titanium is softer than the implant, meaning that it leaves the surface undamaged. Other curettes often leave residues on the rough implant surface, which in turn promotes the development of peri-implant diseases.

To prevent scratching of the implant surface, all four American Eagle instruments have rounded working ends. Even the scalers are slightly rounded. Lightweight, ergonomic handles made of EagleLite® plastic reduce the stress on your hands. The 204S implant scaler, intended for the molar region, has a sharp angle to facilitate access. The N128/Langer 5 combination is a modified sickle scaler featuring a universal anterior curette for the upper and lower jaw. The Nebraska 128 tip is ideal for small, tight spaces and the circumference of the implant abutment. The Langer 3-4 universal curette replicates the shaft angle of the Gracey 13-14 and is a good choice for treating implant abutments in the molar or premolar region. A Barnhart 5-6 universal implant curette is also available. The implant instruments are available individually or as part of a set which includes a cassette. Contact us for your individual consultation at +49 (0) 6221 43 45 442.


American Eagle’s new implant instruments ©Young Innovations

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