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Juvenile prophylaxis with Zooby®

Heidelberg, 14 June 2018 – Preventative therapy can avoid tooth decay and secondary diseases. The new Zooby® Disclosing Tablets support professional teeth cleaning for children and increase their personal responsibility by colouring new plaque red and older plaque blue, highlighting areas that are often missed when brushing the teeth.

The patients then receive individual instructions and tips for their personal dental care from the practitioner. Afterwards all tooth surfaces and interproximal areas are thoroughly cleaned and polished. The fruit-flavoured tablets are available in packs of 250 and are free of gluten and erythrosine (E127). They can also be used at home to improve the daily care routine.

Professional tooth cleaning is carried out in a risk-oriented manner because the breakthrough of the second teeth brings about changes such as incomplete enamel formation, unfavourable topographical position of the chewing surfaces or retention niches and thus increasing the risk of plaque deposits. Also Orthodontic braces as well as the increase in sugar intake and acidic foods effect plaque build-up.

Zooby®’s child-friendly prophylaxis system offers a wide range of tools to significantly increase patient compliance in children. The polishing cups are made of proprietary special rubber that adapts to the tooth contour accurately.

The polishing pastes are available in six popular flavours such as chocolate, melon and berry as well as three different grains each with 1.23% fluoride. They remove stains, are remarkably efficient and are also vegan, sugar, lactose and gluten free. They are delivered as a practical hygienic single dose, and the matching finger holder is included free of charge. In order to reduce spatter, the pastes have a particularly adhesive consistency, and the hygienic disposable packaging minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.

The new staining tablets from Zooby®. Photo: Zooby®

About Zooby®

Zooby® is a Young Innovations brand, a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality dental products. The portfolio includes innovative solutions for prophylaxis, diagnostics, restoration, periodontology, implantology, endodontics and orthodontics and world-renowned brands like Young, Zooby®, Microbrush® and American Eagle Instruments®. The American corporation has its headquarters in Chicago and its European centre in Heidelberg, Germany. The enterprise was founded in 1900 and is owned by The Jordan Company.

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