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Precision is essential

Heidelberg, October 31, 2019 – Every dental treatment places high demands on the dentist, team and equipment. Microbrush® premium applicators rise to the challenge: Their flexible handles remain in the desired position without springing back, while non-absorbent fibres facilitate the economical use and precise placement of material. New in the range is the size “ultrafine” with a 0.5 mm slim head.

The award-winning Microbrush® applicator is the first choice for hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. It‘s rigid brush is designed for the application of cement, caustics, binding agents, sealants and haemostatic solution. The useful tool is available in regular, fine, superfine, ultrafine and various colours to implement multi-stage procedures.

The TRU applicator is suitable for calcium hydroxide paste, sealant, disclosing solution, as well as binding agents and caustics. The tip can be bent twice, while the twelve-centimeter handle ensures maximum control and optimal access to any area.

The Micro-Stix applicator simplifies the placement of veneers, crowns, brackets and inlays. The adhesive tip securely lifts the delicate objects. After positioning the applicator is removed with a slight twist, leaving no residue behind.

The UltraBrush® applicator evenly distributes desensitisers, whiteners, fluoride and fissure sealing. It‘s chemical-resistant fibres withstand aggressive substances. The Microbrush® X applicator is perfect for endodontic treatments. It has a superfine, extended tip for especially tight spaces and bends to 90 degrees. All products are available in hygienic dispenser boxes as well as in a handy refill pack. For samples contact samples@microbrush.eu

Useful tools from Microbrush®. Photo: Microbrush®


About Microbrush®

Microbrush® is a brand of Young Innovations, a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality dental products. The portfolio includes innovative solutions for prophylaxis, diagnostics, restoration, periodontology, implantology, endodontics and orthodontics and world-renowned brands like Young, Zooby®, Microbrush® and American Eagle Instruments®. The American corporation has its headquarters in Chicago and its European centre in Heidelberg, Germany. The enterprise was founded in 1900 and is owned by The Jordan Company.


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