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The SMILEBOX makes teeth shine

Heidelberg, May 12, 2020 – Young Innovations and NSK present SMILEBOX, a complete set for professional tooth cleaning. The products perfectly match and complement each other. Each box contains a prophy contra-angle handpiece, prophy cups, prophy paste, disclosing solution and parotid patches.

2Tone Solution reveals plaque with an advanced multicolor formula. It turns new plaque red and older blue, showing patients the areas they consistently miss while brushing the teeth. This not only serves to monitor patients, it also enables individual recommendations for the dental hygiene at home.

The DryTips® parotid patches are placed on the inside of the cheek directly in front of the largest salivary gland. The cellulose pads keep the work area dry during treatment, are far more absorbent than cotton rolls, but take up less space. They therefore particularly facilitate procedures in the back of the oral cavity.

The Young Elite Cup is a perfect match for the NSK stainless steel contra angle handpiece FX57m. The short polishing cup in combination with the ultra-small head enables easy access to all quadrants. The screw-type cup adapts neatly to the contra angle, while the soft rubber adapts completely to the tooth surface. While the internal ridges remove plaque, the external ridges support interproximal cleaning and reduce splatter.

The Young mint polishing paste with baking soda ensures the brilliant shine. It is free of fluoride and gluten and packed in hygienic single-unit doses. Its adhesive consistency reduces splatter, the non-abrasive baking soda removes discoloration and in one single step also achieves amazing luster. For more information about SMILEBOX visit https://www.youngdental.eu/en/smilebox/


The Smilebox contains a complete set for professional tooth cleaning. Photo: Young Innovations


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