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Heidelberg, January 24, 2023 – American Eagle Instruments® have been present in the UK for several years, and have experienced rapid growth. Due to the high demand it has now been decided to simplify the ordering process, and make the entire portfolio available through multiple British dental dealers. The instrument range includes instruments for diagnostics, prophylaxis, restoration, periodontics, implantology and endodontics, as well as instrument cassettes for efficient and hygienic reprocessing and storage. The market opening is celebrated with attractive special offers.

American Eagle was founded 75 years ago, joined the Young Innovations dental group in 2017, and specializes in the consistent manufacture of high-quality dental hand instruments. Frank Whyte, Managing Director of Young Innovations Europe, emphasizes: “American Eagle offers outstanding clinical solutions for dentists and patients and is well established internationally. UK customers will now also fully benefit from our expertise and the reliable distribution through dental dealers.”

American Eagle produces advanced premium products that offer practitioners efficient processes, economic progress and added ergonomic comfort. The company provides not only the stainless steel Talon ToughTM range, but also the patented XP Technology®, which eliminates the need to sharpen instruments. Sharpen-free XP Scalers, Curettes and Double Graceys keep their original form and function as the precise cutting edge design is retained for the life of the instrument. Sharpening stones are history. The user saves economically and can act more ergonomically since noticeably less force is needed.

Another innovation from American Eagle are the environmentally friendly and inexpensive Quik-TipTM prophylaxis instruments. The product line combines handles with exchangeable tips. In case of abrasive wear only the worn working end is replaced instead of the entire instrument. This sustainable system saves resources and reduces waste.

The American Eagle Composite instruments also have the revolutionary XP Technology® alloy, making composite-stick a thing of the past. The newly launched M5 Restorative Series also benefit from this especially smooth surface. The multifunctional set reduces the number of instruments required, as each instrument has two optimally coordinated working ends, which considerably simplifies and speeds up every procedure.

For professional implant cleaning, American Eagle has a convincing solution in its portfolio: The Implant Scalers and Curettes are made of medical-grade titanium, slightly softer than the implant´s titanium. Therefore mineralized deposits are removed particularly gently but effectively without scratching the implant´s surface.

The high-quality Galaxie instrument cassettes support the thorough cleaning, effective sterilization and precise organization of hand instruments. Their sturdy housing made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel protects the equipment, while the unique design reduces contact points. The laser-cut grid maximizes water flow and increases efficiency in the WD/thermal disinfector. Rounded edges and slotted corners accelerate drainage, reducing drying time. The ergonomic closure can be operated with one hand. The color-coded silicone rails can be individually arranged and are compatible with all common handle diameters. Available are DIN cassettes for twenty instruments, 1/2 DIN cassettes for ten instruments, and 1/4 DIN cassettes for five instruments.

For the UK launch special offers are available through retailers in January and February. There is a 4+1 promotion on diagnostic items, XP instruments, composite and M5 instruments, Double Graceys, implant products, Galaxie cassettes and a 20% discount on Quik-Tips.

The Quik-Tip product line combines handles with exchangeable tips. © Young Innovations

About American Eagle Instruments®

American Eagle Instruments® is a brand of Young Innovations, a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality dental products. Its portfolio includes innovative solutions for prophylaxis, diagnostics, periodontics, restoration, endodontics, implantology and orthodontics and world-renowned brands such as Young®, Zooby®, Microbrush®, American Eagle Instruments®, Pro-Matrix®, Pro-Tip® Turbo and Crystal Tip®. The American group is headquartered in Chicago, while the European headquarters are located in Heidelberg, Germany. The company was founded in 1900.

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