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Five for all situations

Heidelberg, August 22, 2022 – American Eagle is launching a new collection for composite restorations: The M5 Restorative Series features five instruments that impress with their particularly smooth surface thanks to the patented XP Technology® coating. The multifunctional set reduces the number of tools required, as each instrument has two optimally matched working ends, which considerably simplifies and speeds up all procedures.

The series was created in collaboration with Dr Anthony Mak, a multi-award-winning specialist in restorative dentistry who has also earned an excellent reputation through seminars and workshops. The instruments have a nano-optimised, extremely hard and scratch-resistant surface, therefore their precision is maintained even after intensive use. The ergonomic, well balanced handles are made of stainless steel.

The M5-Sculpt universal instrument is a true problem solver. It can be used to apply refined composite to anterior and posterior teeth and is an excellent choice for creating the tooth’s anatomy and layering in deep cavities.

The M5-Anterior is a very thin composite carver for layering, flattening and shaping in interproximal and gingival areas. The flexible working ends adapt to the curvature of the tooth. The blade covers the entire length of the tooth, which is particularly beneficial when placing and sculpting Class IV (anterior tooth)/veneer composite.

The M5-Pack for applying and packing composite in posterior teeth features a ball end and a flat-ended plugger. The composite does not roll over the plugger like on a ball burnisher. A larger amount of composite should be applied using only a ball burnisher.

The M5-Carve effectively removes interproximal material. The strong, unbreakable blades are 25% thinner and facilitate interproximal access without widening the contact area. Thanks to XP Technology®, the blades remain sharp for a particularly long time, making it easy to remove and cut the material at all times. The blades have ergonomic angles, granting easy access to all areas.

The M5-Mini rounds off the collection. The short, flat spatula is ideal for applying composite in hard-to-reach areas or packing composite in small spaces. Further information is available at www.am-eagle.de/en/m5-composite-instrument-series


The M5 Restorative Series © American Eagle


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