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Heidelberg, April 3, 2019 – The dental group Young Innovations presents new products that increase efficiency and safety in the practice:

The high-quality Galaxie Cassettes simplify the cleaning, sterilization and classification of hand instruments. A stable housing made of electropolished stainless steel protects the equipment, the unique design reduces the contact points. A laser-cut pattern maximizes water through flow and increases efficiency in the RDG / thermal disinfector. Smooth rounded corners and slotted edges enhance drainage and shorten drying time. The ergonomic locking system can be operated with just one hand. The food-safe, color-coded silicone rails can be assembled in any position and are compatible with all handle diameters. Available are DIN cassettes for twenty instruments, 1/2 DIN cassettes for ten instruments and 1/4 DIN cassettes for five instruments. More information at www.am-eagle.de/en/galaxie-cassettes/

With the new Microbrush® MB applicators dental liquids are dispensed precisely and economically. The flexible handles remain in the desired position without springback, the fine 0.5 mm tip is ideally suited for pinpoint placement of substances. Non-absorbent fibers support the easy uptake and delivery of material. The useful tools are available in the colors orange and petrol, which enables the clear classification in multi-stage procedures. Samples can be requested at samples@microbrush.eu

The new Galaxie cassettes.
Photo: Young Innovations



MB applicators from Microbrush®.
Photo: Microbrush®

About Young Innovations

Young Innovations is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality dental products. The portfolio includes innovative solutions for prophylaxis, diagnostics, restoration, periodontology, implantology, endodontics and orthodontics and world-renowned brands like Young™, Zooby®, Microbrush® and American Eagle Instruments®. The American corporation has its headquarters in Chicago and its European centre in Heidelberg, Germany. The enterprise was founded in 1900 and is owned by The Jordan Company.

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